Matt Dickson - Director

Silver Men

"Amy Fox's elegiac Silver Men makes elegant use of veteran character-actor David Margulies, playing a wry grandfather who struggles to connect with his grandson in the wake of a death in the family."

"Helmed by director Matt Dickson, this play manages to fit so many moving parts into a satisfying catharsis."

"The expert placement of the three actors and their moving performances are evidence of Matt Dickson’s finely realized direction on the relatively bare, small stage."


"We credit the director Matt Dickson, who applied everything he knew from the world of theater, without interfering with the singers' ability to function vocally. There were countless examples of stage business that supported the interactions of the characters and also served to establish the cultural milieu in which the characters were interacting."

"The scenes between Amereau and Starsky were electric, both vocally and dramatically."

Coach Darling

"Krista Knight's "Coach Darling" features the most visually interesting theatrical direction, by Matt Dickson, including a slow-motion soccer game and other stylized elements."

The Man-Made Rock

"The dialogue is good, the production handsome and well turned out, the acting excellent"

Taisetsu Na Hito

"Leah Nanako Winkler's "Taisetsu Na Hito," was the most disturbing piece of the evening. It was hilarious...the way the humor clashed with the emotional desolation of the two human characters made it truly vivid and unsettling"

Happy Sauce

"Pleasantly saucy, zany and over-the-top, Happy Sauce is a fast-paced satirical farce driven at turbo speed by keeping the audience bursting out in fits of laughter."

"Kudos to director Matt Dickson for helping create such lovely chemistry—as well as ensuring the gags are pulled off with split-second far as I know, this is the best non-musical comedic cast in the festival."